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So let's imagine for a moment that you have broken up with your partner and suddenly you're experiencing deep regret.

You want him or her back. After all, your ex was the best person in the world -- your soulmate, the person who you can't live without.

And you are quite certain about that -- you know it with 100% assurance: you've made the most terrible mistake of your life and you want them back.

So what are you going to do about it?

Turn to Text Your Ex Back by Mike Fiore, that's what.

Text Your Ex Back is a program that you may have heard about -- it's an Internet program available through download from Mike Fiore's website, which purports to be able to tell you how to re-establish a relationship successfully using only text messaging, and the power of your innate lover.

How does that work, you may well ask!

The first thing is that text messaging or SMS messaging, as you prefer, is a medium that actually can communicate what you want very clearly without emotional overlays -- that's always very helpful in the emotional aftermath of a breakup.

So when you open a line of communication to your partner, or rather, your ex-partner, the one who you wish to have back in your life, you need to do it in a very skilful and particularly preplanned way.

Randomly sending text messages when you're drunk is not going to seduce them back to you!

But, if you're clever about it, sending the right kind of text messages at the right time could easily cause them to look at you with a new found favour.

The good news is that Mike Fiore has set out in great detail the whole program of text messages which should allow you to establish once and for all that you love your ex-partner and want them back in your life -- I mean, establish that fact in their minds.

The problem is of course they may not feel the same way about you: which is why you have to follow the instructions to the letter. Getting your ex-partner back is a very skilful and rather slow process. It can't be rushed, it has to be done discreetly and with discretion.

Furthermore, you do of course have to consider how your relationship will be different after you get back together -- if you carry on doing the same things that you were doing before you broke up, it's entirely predictable that the outcome second time around will be more or less the same as it was the first time -- to wit, another breakup!

Since you're trying to avoid that, you really need to set some goals. You can't actually achieve anything unless you know what it is you're aiming for.

Once you've set those goals -- and they might, for example, be dating a couple of times a week, or getting back together and living together -- whatever you choose, you're going to take the advice which Mike Fiore offers -- that is to say, the advice most appropriate to your needs.

I'll give you an example of how Text Your Ex Back actually works.

Module 4 of the 11 modules that you get when you sign up to the program is called Flight Check. What that is, is a kind of emotional and mental checklist which you need to go through to make sure that you're ready to start the process of texting your ex with your desires, and then going back into a relationship.

So Flight Check is rather like the checks the pilot does before he takes his plane down the runway -- it's to check you're ready, to check you're going to fly, not crash.

It includes things like your measuring your self-esteem; it includes things like whether or not you're feeling needy.

It's about checking your motivation to get back with your ex-partner to see if that's actually sincere and genuine, and to prevent any unforeseen emotional events.

When you're ready to take your partner back, or when you're ready to look for your partner's forgiveness, you need to know how to approach them so that you have, as it were, "the upper hand".

This is not to say you'll be manipulative, but it is going to require a certain level of cunning.

For instance, emotional intensity at the right point is critical: to be exact, firing yourself up prematurely is probably going to turn your partner off more likely than to turn on.

And no matter how difficult the idea of contacting your ex-partner may be, the fact is that to achieve a successful reconciliation you're going to need to make the effort.

One of the good things about  Text Your Ex Back is that you'll be able to do that easily. You don't just have to message something like "Yo! It's me, I want your attention!" No, you need to be more constructive than that.

Instead, you connect to your partner by saying (i.e. texting) something constructive: the whole idea here is that by sending texts which convey a certain emotional and mental attitude, you can actually convey to your partner your sincere desire to get back together with them.

What I recommend is that in every stage of the process you actually open your heart and do this with love. That's much more likely to succeed than any other approach.

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